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WCC2 Cricket darlings realizes the game go much past some other game, and this is the reason every one of them ought to be amped up for this title, as they are going to encounter something different! From altering your players to rooting for your own group, numerous highlights are hanging tight for you at a definitive cricket 3D experience! Play World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC 2 on PC and Mac with BlueStacks and appreciate the most powerful and flexible ongoing interaction at any point worked for cricket in videogames. Play with 18 universal groups, 10 household and at 24

distinctive arenas. Test your aptitudes and set yourself up to try and overlook you’re playing the game, as it truly resembles the genuine article! Challenge fantastically talented AI adversaries and figure out how to control the practical material science you will discover once you are at the pit. Is it true that you are prepared? A charging measure of activity is going to begin! Download World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC 2 on PC with BlueStacks and have a genuine taste of the cricket understanding!

Join World Cricket Championship 2 WCC2

World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2 invites you to another virtual understanding of Cricket matchmaking! Appreciate a reasonable participation in 3D Cricket in your own unique group, animation groups and game controls that will allow you to perform famous Cricket shots, for example helicopter shooting and Uppercut. Download your free duplicate of World Cricket Championship 2 and discover how to play cricket directly from your work area PC.

The Cricket ball is also intended to hold on to genuine materials science, so it will react to its release all considered. It can be Dead, Dusty or Green. Watch your group on the field as they deliver jaw-dropping punches and quick throws to beat the opponent! Do you need to rehearse? Try not to stress yourself out. You can play AI to sharpen your skills and system before provoking partners for a Cricket competition!


Features Of WCC2 Of World Cup ChampionShip

  • Over 45 signature hitting shots including Most-Needed Helicopter Shot, Dil-Scoop, Top Cut, etc.
  • Enjoy the Blitz Tournament for nothing!
  • The highly anticipated Autoplay mode for bowling and hitting!
  • An electrifying handling with dazzling jumps and quick throws to amaze the rival.
  • Challenging AI rival
  • Realistic Ball Materials Science Reacting to the Field (Dead, Dusty, Green)
  • Player Traits: Players increase additional skills for consistent execution and this allows them to logically improve
  • (ONLY FOR PC VERSION) 18 diverse universal groups, 10 local groups. TEST Cricket, Hot Events and multiple competitions including the World Cup, the T20 World Cup, the Blitz Tournament and the ODI Series.
  • Gangs of Cricket mode, where the client can mold poses and fight difficulties.
  • Challenge a Friend mode allows the client to challenge your peers.
  • Batsman can be hurt by poor shooting choice.
  • Defenders’ feelings fluctuate depending on party conditions.
  • Motion picture cameras and continuous lighting enhance visual intrigue.
  • Real-time infographic representations include:
  • 3D wagon wheel with dynamic game information
  • Hawk-eye see for bowling summary and for LBW requests
  • 3D bar outline for annotated entries
  • Ultra moderate movement Action repeats with multiple camera points
  • Over 40 camera borders in the game
  • Two distinctive batting controls (Classic and Pro)
  • Two different batting chamber setups (Bowler’s End and Batsman’s End)
  • Field players are arranged with a spherical spiky coordination frame.
  • Professional audio speech
  • Dynamic sounds surrounding the ground
  • Batting time meter, (followed by a lobed shot)
  • Perfect planning It results in a definitive six, but it is not more than
  • difficult to execute WCC2
  • Late planning – this can lead to catches or a top edge
  • Early planning: an extremely low controlled shot.
  • Field arrangement to control your rival Batman
  • 10 field options WCC2
  • Manual field arrangement to design and bowl as needed and to move up as a pattern
  • The user can alter the names of the players and their jobs.
  • Amazing wicketkeeper Misfieldfield gets quick bewilderment and tight third referee options for a hands-on rickets experience.
  • More than 100 movements captured liveliness
  • Improved ball association with bat even with low disposition devices
  • Battle tested and updated the engine to deliver liquid games at 30fps on most mid-range gadgets.