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Top 10 Samurai and Ninja Games For PC

Samurai and Ninja Games For PC There is not a single person in the world who does not love Samurai and Ninja. There is something about these super-skilled warriors that annoys people for doing anything, even slightly related to them. This is why they are such a popular subject in all forms of media and of course, it also includes video games. Recently, we talked about how Samurai and Ninjas are making a mainstream comeback in our industry, and how excited we are about it, it’s no surprise that we talk a little bit more about it Want to

Instead of talking about what the future has in store for us, let’s instead look back and talk about what the best ninja and samurai-related games have been over the years. In this list, we are going to take a look at fifteen such games. Seeing how widespread and popular this genre is, without saying that this list is not going to end in any way, so if we failed to mention one of your favorites, go to the comments section below.

Also note that for the purpose of this feature, we are tying the Samurai and the Ninja together we know that they are not one and the same. But you know, convenience and all. Also, this list is in random order and is not ranked, so keep that in mind as well.


In the days of Crazy Mania around Street Fighter II, the fighters were all the rage. Samurai came up with the showdown and put a unique, samurai-focused spin on it. It was not a revolutionary game, and it did nothing that could be called phenomenal, but as it played it would gladly tell you, it was a complete blast. With its dedication and attention to contours, this is a game you should just play if you are a fan of the subject matter.


An outstanding in this feature, in terms of its style. While most other games on this list are action titles or character action games, Total War Shogun 2 is a strategy game. Make no mistake, though- Shogun 2 is far from being an outlier, in terms of absolute quality. In fact, I would also say that this is one of the best games in this entire feature. Hell, this is probably the best total war game ever, and if you haven’t played any (or even one) of the other games in the series, you really know that high praise.


Shinobi was originally an arcade game back when it was first launched in 1987 and later ported to Sega’s master system, and both versions of the game were complete gems. Using weapons (which included shurikens, much to the delight of everyone playing it), magical ninjutsu attacks, melee combat, and even a full blast of guns at Shinobi.


Samurai and Ninja Games For PC

Originally released as a “sister” series for the uber-popular Dynasty Warriors, it would be fair to say that many consider Samurai Warriors to be a better game than the series that was technically born. While it features largely the same brand of over-the-top action as Lineage Warriors, Samurai Warriors mix things up and make them even more interesting with RPG elements in addition. The game was not without its flaws, but it was still a very enjoyable experience, all said and done.


Samurai and Ninja Games For PC

Genji: Dawn of the Samurai is not a game that is without its flaws. For one, it is too small, while its fixed camera angle can also present some annoying problems every so often. But it’s still a very enjoyable experience for a short time and it captures the eBay and flow of ninja-like battles very well. With stylish battles, some excellent boss battles, and responsive controls to back it all up, Genji may not be the most revolutionary or influential game on this list, but it certainly deserves its place here.


Samurai and Ninja Games For PC

Samurai’s Way was a truly less appreciated gem back when it was first launched, and so far, it has achieved good, casual “cult hit” status. The game was a bit hampered by its sticky camera controls, of course, but it demonstrated an astonishing amount of depth in its progression mechanics, allowing you to battle a variety of samurai blades, and you had to upgrade each one of them. Is allowed. The most interesting and surprising thing about the game, however, was how it allowed the players to decide the course of the narrative themselves, presenting them with choices that really mattered, and down the line, surprisingly Turned his head back.


Samurai and Ninja Games For PC

Technically, Bushido Blade was a fighter, but it was very different from any other game in the crowded genre. Instead of driving away your enemies and reducing their health, the game was actually alive by the Bushido Code, and the match can only end with a deadly attack to the head or torso while killing your enemy’s limbs further. It can make it vulnerable to attacks. Like, matches could last a few seconds, or if you wanted to stay away and look for the perfect moment for a strike, even more than that, there was no time limit for each match, after all. It was a bold, unique experiment and the boy paid for it.


Samurai and Ninja Games For PC

For Honor is a bit different from all the other games we’ve mentioned in the list, it’s not a dedicated samurai or ninja game. But the game does allow you to play as a samurai, and boy oh boy is it an absolute blast when it does. All three factions of Honor are basically playing as a pleasure, but personally, I don’t think any of them are at the top of the samurai’s path. Especially when you combine the Samurai faction with the pure genocide of the killers.


Samurai and Ninja Games For PC

No, Raiden isn’t technically in the true sense of the word. But he is still a ninja. Better yet, he’s a cyborg ninja, which just cools him down. Created by Platinum Games, there was never any doubt that Metal Gear Rising: Vengeance would be an amazing character action game, and no one would be surprised, that’s exactly what came out, and then something else. ۔ It had the same bombastic, stylish combat competition that you would expect to see in platinum games, but even better, it acquired Raiden’s abilities like a superpowered badass cyborg ninja. We need a sequel to it … hey, there’s always hope, okay?


Samurai and Ninja Games For PC

What can we say about Onimusha that has not been said a million times already? Before the likes of Devil May Curry and reborn ninja, Gideon was a thing, Onimusha also came along and took the industry by storm with his mind-blowing, character-action gameplay. Right now a revolutionary, straightforward in terms of quality and design, with both fighting and watching, Onimusha quickly became one of the biggest ninja games ever. Seriously, Capcom, please revert to the essence of this series.

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