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The Last Of Us PC Game

The Last Of Us PC

Earlier next year, we are on the way to PlayStation 4, which gets fans excited. However, PC players have never had to experience the ugly world it causes. Sadly, we can’t agree to keep Naughty Dog on the real PC, and Davis has stopped responding to our emails, which is why he does so. Which is bad luck? But we can give you a list of PC games that are akin to the classic zombie game for your survival.

Now, we can’t promise you that any one of them will be able to make the last game out of us perfectly, for any dev trying it would be foolish. But each of these games has a mastery over the game, story, or other aspects of the last game that makes it so special.

Of course really, if you really want to play the last of us, you can only do that, but there are certain things about those titles that might appeal to you for personal reasons.


Unfortunately, this is unlikely. The last of us is a system seller for the PS4. However, if you don’t have a Sony console to assign to this game list you can play on a PC, which should be your last hunger strike, just like the last game we had.

The Last Of Us PC


This entry is not surprising to anyone, as it is a fantastically heavy, emotionally packed zombie game. But The Walking Dead series is a great way to soak up the less violent itch that our last time provides us. Zombie games are often about killing counters – we’re looking at you like Dead Rising – but when it comes to making these important decisions between survival and life and death, it doesn’t work. ۔ Coming back to 2012 with its first season, The Walking Dead has released four major releases of the game and taken us back to the dystopian world, the characters living in the key moments of their story. A beautifully crafted game, its spirit lies with our last – it’s not the violence we enjoy, it’s the survival.

We know we’ve said that our last act isn’t always about violence, but, like, – sometimes you want it to be all about violence. Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 (but especially 2) Take out the awesome repository of zombies you want to avoid, and make it impossible to hide from the past. Multiplayer drives you through hundreds of things, but it’s the zombie rating you will be doing that feels like the last one of us.

The Naughty Dog game requires you to look at the zombies and see what action it takes to act: ‘Okay, so he can’t see that I have to be super-duper quiet and divert his attention. L اس have to lube this bottle ‘. Although not exactly the same kind of thinking for the Left 4 Dead, however, when you see a zombie, you need to know what makes it a hit. And in the case of a witch, that means running to the hills. You have to consider the best way to overcome your enemy, just as you would with our last executor. The left 4 dead are somewhat embarrassingly upset about it.


OK, OK, OK: Imagine us last, OK, but make it a mirror edge. Zombie and firing are not the two concepts we collect regularly, but hey, why try something new? This is a free-run zombie survival game in which if you miss the sun while you’re out and about, your chances of survival are gone. Last of us, when you fight zombies, it looks memorable. Diving Light (and this is an upcoming sequel, Diving Light 2, pictured above) certainly gives you the ability to go through the majority of the Undead, but your character’s power is to finish the task. Hardly feels for The death of the light gives you priority when you have to die like the last humans. When people start to end the world they really hate each other, haha?

This is the first non-zombie game on our list, so we feel like we need to explain something. The shadow of Tom Raider, perhaps the closest place you can take us to the last scene. The world of beating vines and beautiful ruined buildings is at least part of the reason that the last of us had achieved success. It’s still beautiful, still. But of course, there are other similarities between these games. A female lead character who can shoot a bow for one – though please don’t tell us why Lara Craft is terrifying in archery. It’s a whole bargain, just trust us. Plus, all that revolves around you and when you go, choose the toughest enemies. If you like our zombie play style for the last time, this is a great way to get that feeling.


We had to mention at least one-second game, and although it may not be considered the best in the series (if this is your opinion, would you be kindly left out?) The stupid infinite companion You have long been associated with it. The Last of Us gives you the confidence to work with no confidence, at least for most trips. You’re not the only one on this adventure, you’re here because of the relationship between Joel and Eli. Stupid infinite is just as good as Elizabeth’s welfare – for all its undeniable power – should be your priority sometimes. Your imagination is even more connected than you can imagine.

Linear levels of the game also equate to the last one of us, where you can start at point A and know how to finish the point you need to go to point B. If you are looking for a gunfight with a mysterious female figure then you have to, for your part. It can be an alternative.

The Last Of Us PC

State Decay

One piece of music that has always stood out to us is the theme, our last, a rich mix of guitar and violin that moves throughout your heart. We can’t recommend it enough to listen to it: It puts everything in the threads of hope, heartbreak, and fear. Statehood (and Decree 2, in the picture) sounds very similar when it comes to music composition, choosing sound strings and scary environments. We can’t say that this performance performs as well as Gustavo Sanola’s, but it certainly sets the tone of the game well. This is one of the most survival-based games on the list – creating new outposts while balancing resources gets you a little closer to experiencing zombie outbreaks in real life. The Last Of Us PC

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