The best Star Wars games on PC

The best Star Wars games on PC What’s the best Star Wars game for PC? As with the movies, there are a lot of options, and the quality is very variable. Some match Yoda’s height with Luke’s X-Wing, Luke’s iconic old man exposure, and the Death Star attack. However, if you check us out, some Star Wars games risk the reputation of one of the most famous space operas of all time in big doo-doo.

Thankfully – for the most part – Star Wars may have produced more licensed games than any other movie series. From the deep and philosophical quarrels of the Knights of the Old Republic to the breathtaking adrenaline rush of Episode I: Racer, we’ve rounded up the original trilogy of wheat from a pre-game thriller to bring you a definitive list of the best Star Wars PC Games. Even for the noblest herdsmen, like you.

Jedi Liberation: Fallen Order has rekindled our love for space-based religion in robes, so when you’re done with Respawn’s adventure, enjoy a glass of milk bantha and discover more of the best Star Wars games on PC.


The best Star Wars games on PC
The best Star Wars games on PC

Star Wars: The Old Republic has always had a bit of an identity problem. Halfway through the continuation of the Knights of the Old Republic single-player game, split into several class stories that let you experience the Star Wars galaxy as a Chiss Imperial Agent or Sith Warrior. The other half is one of the best MMOs around, but it’s quite traditional. The best Star Wars games on PC

This is a class story that fits in with their own journey of intergalactic adventure: ambitious, Star Wars and epic in scope. The fifth expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, focuses almost exclusively on this part of the game. Knights of the Fallen Empire is, in essence, the only single-player game embedded within the MMO. It’s great, stirring Knights of the Old Republic II. Although this Star Wars game is trying to break free from its genre, but as the closest thing to the KotOR sequel, it must be played.


The original Traveler’s Tales of Lego, Lego Star Wars is proof that great ideas can live on forever. The Complete Saga covers episodes I to VI, recreating the adventures of all the main characters in a jarring form, and asking you to break everything in your journey to defeat the Empire. The best Star Wars games on PC

Played well as a local friend game, gentle puzzles and good humor make it a powerful choice to play with your smaller family members. If you don’t store it yourself, that’s it. And, thanks to a custom character creator, you can make Boba Fett a Sith Lord.

Better yet, there’s a new Lego Star Wars game on the horizon – LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – featuring all nine major films and open world gems complete with random encounters and lots of humor.


The best Star Wars games on PC
The best Star Wars games on PC

Proof that not all that came out of the prequel trilogy was childish trash, Republic Commando was the Rainbow Six of the Clone Wars. As a special operations team of the Clone RC-1138, you will be carrying out a mission accompanied by three other commands that can be mastered with a variety of context-sensitive commands and commands. As influenced by Halo because it is a well-known Tom Clancy multiplayer game, Republic Commando’s tactical elements do not prevent it from running fast and fast. It’s Star Wars: The Simplicity of the Republican Command that we need to see more of.

Often considered one of the most underrated Star Wars games, it is known for being completely Jedi-free and trading epic battles to feel the finer surface. Entertaining touches like modular weapons, wrist straps, and visor wipers that eliminate sparks of enemy blood make Republic Commando have its own charm. The best Star Wars games on PC


The best Star Wars games on PC
The best Star Wars games on PC

The X-Wing series is appreciated by PC players for a variety of reasons. Not only are they great at capturing the thrills of the most exciting Star Wars intergalactic combat: they also surprisingly demand simulation games that mimic some of the fictional fighter jets through the dark ink of endless space.

X-Wing vs TIE Fighter is the third in the series and, looking back, it’s parsec before its time – though Star Wars: X-Wing, 25 years old is naturally dated. This is a pure multiplayer game that offers team-based competitive modes where each player fulfills a specific combat role. Then the Balance of Power expansion pack introduced a story-play campaign with eight players. This feature is a bullet point from the back of the late 2000s shooter, but X-Wing vs.


The best Star Wars games on PC
The best Star Wars games on PC

Whatever you think of Episode I, there is no denying that its podrace is a spectacular spectacle and an incredible insight into the far-flung sports world. Episode I Racer transforms this high octane sequence into a whole game: players take on the role of a star podracer and start racing seasons on many planets. Each track showcases the unique myths of each planet, such as the Spice Mine Run in Mon Gazza that boasts a wide selection of spices.

Victory can be used to upgrade your podracer or buy Pit Droids for enhanced repairs. New riders open through the game, with the obvious prize being Sebulba and his competitors. Podracer benefits greatly from the licensed sound effects of the films, and while this may be a bad game by today’s standards, it is a racing game that saves something powerful from the happy first prequel. Feel the speed of this chapter as Episode I: Racer is now also at GOG. The best Star Wars games on PC

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