The Best Dota 2 Neutral items

The Best Dota 2 Neutral items

The Best Dota 2 Neutral items? Updates 7.23 Outlanders to Dota 2 cause problems in a major way. Fans are a little more comfortable with the unchanging meta since before The International 2019 and look forward to the throws that will throw some new heroes into the mix and play

around with various statistics and items. Instead, a paradise was opened and a number of new things had never before fallen from the sky, causing confusion and panic. Hammer Havoc. Ninja Gear. Mind Breaker. Who are you? Where did my Stout Shield disappear? Why is my carrier trying to give me jellies? Keep calm, thank you for your gullet and let us explain the best Dota 2 neutral items you should keep in mind in the game.

Dota 2 neutral items fall from the jungle creeping from the seven-minute mark onwards. Neutral items are divided into levels – Level 1 items are the first type to decline after seven minutes of entry, followed by Level 2 after 15 minutes, Level 3 after 25 minutes, and Level 4 after 40 minutes. There is a fifth level, and if you succeed at 60 minutes, you will find Level 5 items, powerful enough to be expected to end the game quickly so that you can break away from the gaming chair and look outside the world. The Best Dota 2 Neutral items

What is the number of neutral items in Dota 2? There are a total of 58 neutral items in Dota 2, but only four neutral items from each level can be lowered for your team, so wish yourself luck and look for one of the best. We’ve selected our top items from each level – which we will find most enjoyable in most games – with the reminder that some items are great but depending on whether you have the right hero on your team to make the most of them. The Best Dota 2 Neutral items

The Best Dota 2 Neutral items

TIER 1 NEUTRAL ITEMS The Best Dota 2 Neutral items

TRUSTY SHOVEL/ The Best Dota 2 Neutral items

After one second of channels, you dig Bounty Rune, Healing Salve, Town Portal Scroll bundles, or Kobold fights. If you are stuck in your base and do not think you can safely neutralize to get to the next item level, it is possible that the unobstructed Kobold will drop you a neutral item, which may save your meat.

Statistically, you might get something worth at least 100 gold at a minute, which is a great value for a zero-sum effort, as long as you use it cooldown. Your team will save a lot of money on TP Scrolls, and even if you can’t share Healing Salves, you can give it to your friends so they don’t have to return to headquarters as often. Bringing Trusty Shovel also gives you a +150 health bonus. The Best Dota 2 Neutral items


This Dota 2 neutral item gives you the power to create a glorious single Mango tree, from which Enchanted Mangos cook and drop every 60 seconds. Please, if you are not aware, give +0.6 Health Regen passive while they are in your pocket, and you can close it and get 110 immediately.

While planted, the Mango Tree also provides visibility, which means you can plant it in Roshan pits and find out if your enemy wants to take the Aegis – but you may want to be a bit safer with the settlements as enemy troops will brutally drop your watery friends if they find them. . It is useful to place it where you or your carrier can use a top-up periodically to work the forest and clear the road with a spell. The Best Dota 2 Neutral items


Consuming a portion of Royal Jelly provides a fixed target allied unit that provides +2.5 Health Regen and +1.25 Mana Regen, giving you a great advantage in planning. It comes with two charges, so you can share it with your favorite support (cough). While most Tier 1 items will eventually be left in the fountain collecting dust once more attractive accessories are available, Royal Jelly will not take your neutral, temporary, useful slots for every hero, making them one of the best Level 1 neutral items.

The Best Dota 2 Neutral items



Who knew that giving apples to your teacher would increase their secondary to +13? Student Gifts are a great item for any hero who can benefit from improving they’re secondary – for example, Right-click agility brings their strengths (260 health, 1.3 health regimes, magic resistance 1.04%) and Intelligence (156 of which, 0.65 mana regen, and 0.91% spelling damage). Lifestealer, a warrior of Power close to his (surprising) lifestyle

gains insight into his Intelligence and Agility, which means he will attack and move faster, making him a bit of joy. A Spy hero receives Strength and Agility, which is very useful because of the additional health and armor of a warrior who tends to be a bit sluggish. These items will always be well received and will be a great place for your team. v The Best Dota 2 Neutral items


The Philosopher’s Stone gives the carrier 200 Mana and 60 gold per minute at the expense of -35 Attack Damage. To anyone other than the right click, this is a huge fan – great for support and spellcasters who tend to be hungry everywhere, like Zeus.


It gives you 15% of theft, 6% of life spells, +250 night vision, and makes you feel like a tense protagonist of a teen romance novel. This item is great for any right-click who can benefit from improved agricultural capabilities. The Best Dota 2 Neutral items