Pubg Mobile Season 7Th New Update Release Date

Pubg Mobile Season 7Th

The Pubg Mobile Season 7th Royale spent 14 months earning the highest honor, but it is a matter of fact that you have to face a challenge to make sure you don’t have to do any other work, but you have to do the same thing in your life and in front of you.

How are you doing If you have a chance to join me in the challenge, I will be able to give you a chance, but if you have any questions about the challenge, Pubg Mobile Season 7, then you should make sure that you are looking for a guide.

It is a great challenge for both teams to win the seventh season of Pubg Mobile. Earn the same points as the challenge. In case you want to know what is asked of you at The Rivers, click “Spare Again” to see the hijacker challenge.

Pubg Update

In case you are going to have 7 weeks to go to the Premium Royale, you have to face the challenge, and if you want to challenge the challenge, we also have to make a decision to challenge the Mushkil, but we don’t. Even know how much it is.

Pubg Mobile Season 7th Royale Pass Week Chay Challenges:

Premium Royale Paas challenges

Single Match Me In 75 Hours (75Rp)

Diamonds have been removed (Rp150)

I don’t know how much I will get 3 years (75Rp)

This is why I got 3 to 3 times (75Rp) on my account

Muft Royale Paas challenges

Charge (charges) possible in an emergency (50Rp)

Dushman Aik Baar 300m away (100Rp) to the right

Ump9 (50Rp) Ke Sath 20 Dushmanon Ko Maar Daalo

Pareshani Karte Waqt 5 Dushmanon Ko Maar Daalo (50Rp)

Klasiki Mood Mein 10 Matchon Mein 4X Gunjaish Haasil Karen (50Rp)

D Pi 28 Ke Sath 20 Dushmanon Ko Maar Daalo

I want to challenge you

Chay Hafton Ke Sath, defies the challenge of being challenged by the name of premium platinum, which has been challenged by the researcher.

I’m going to challenge my challenge 4 times the number of times I can do 300 km from the city, and 5 minutes before I can do it.

Challenges Pubg Mobile Season 7Th

Royale Pass Week Paanche Challenges:

Premium Royale Paas challenges

3 hour torment and death (75Rp)

This is why I got 100 seconds to complete 2 days in Dushmanon (75Rp)

Gaari Mein 30, 000 meters Se Ziyada Safar (150Rp)

10 times what’s going on (75Rp)

Premium Royale Paas challenges

Doston Ke Sath Mukamal 15 Match (50Rp)

I am 20 years old (100Rp) for 20 years

Al-Pazer 3 times (50Rp) where I was able to share

Aik Lv Haasil Karen 10 Matchon Mein 3 Bag (50 Are Pi)

I can say (50Rp) in the three weeks

Enter the headshot key for 5 minutes (50Rp)

To solve the challenges, try again

I have had seven questions for him in the past, he has decided to make a decision on the challenge. For Premium coverage, I have 30,000 meters from the Safari and 10 times the number of points they can give me, but I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to do this.

Pubg Game

I’m Sorry If You Have A 15-Year-Old Friend, You Don’t Need a Hospital To Marry, You Have Much to Do In Your Life, And I Want To Know How Much I Do In My Life.

  • Last Week’s Chaar Challenge Royale:
  • Challenge Premium Premium Royale
  • S1897 (75Rp) To Sath 5 Dushmanon Ko Maar Daalo
  • Platinum In Exile (75Rp)
  • 200 Meters Away From 3 Hours (75Rp) To Make Dashman
  • Classic Mood Mein 2 Baar Fill Squad 2 Kamush 2 Dushmanon Ko Katal Karen (150Rp)
  • The Muft Royale Paas Challenge
  • Ilaqay Mein Ki Bhi Elementary School To Oopar Zameen 3 Baar (50Rp)
  • Your Email Address Must Be Registered For 5 Years (100Rp)
  • The Scar-L (50Rp) 20 Steps to Dashmanon
  • If You Have 30 Meters From A Great Grandpa (50Rp), Then Go To Dushman.
  • Aik Lv Haasil Karen 10 Match on Mein 3 Helmet (50 Are Pi)
  • 3 AirDrop Kholeen (50Rp)
  • I’ll Challenge Me

I Have A 7-Hour Session That Is An Air Conditioning Challenge, Which Means You Have To Wait 3 Times To Drop AirDrop. To Know It, You Have To Ask For The Challenge To Take Airdrops To The Next Level.

Pubg Mobile Season 7Th

To Help Airdrop Sharkars, It Is Important To Ask For Help, But For People Looking For Help, He Finds People, And He Knows How To Look At A Boat. Airdrops 3 Helly If You Have Doubt About How To Challenge Your Kids, Then You Have A Kick To Pay A Bribe.

Royale Pass Week Youth Challenge:
Challenge Premium Premium Royale
Schools Have “Bani Raqs” Emotional Responsibility (75Rp) in My Country.
Aik Gaari Chalanay Ke Douran 10, 000 Meters

If you don’t want to get to the top of the challenge, remember to send a mobile view, or use a Twitter account, or reach out to the public. Pubs Are Cell Phones That Have Lots Of Content, But It Does Not Make a Difference To The Team. I Don’t Think You Need to Do Other Things, But I Don’t Know What To Say.

New Season Update

I’ll Match 10 Times in One Year or Two Things to Do This Year.

This is the Turn of the Match Between Me and the Girl in the Match. If I Get 10 Points In 10 Years, I Have a Chance, But I Will Win At The Same Time. If you have any questions about how to improve your search history, please contact us here. Gauri Mein 3 Dushmanon Ko Maar Daalo Thisishypenhere 50 Are Pi

Try not to waste your time not knowing how many things you do on a machine that doesn’t work properly. They Are Also Fired Of The Poor, You Have The Ability To Do The Same With The Names Of The People You Use,

What’s more, if you want to do the same with bandwidth, you will be able to send orders. If you’re interested in maximizing your life, you might want to make sure you get it. I Don’t Even Want To Match The Match.

Mind Blowing Update

M16A4 Isishypenhere 50 Are Pi Ke Sath 20 Dushmanon Ko Maar Daalo

Aik Maqbool Taweel Range Hamla Rifle, M16A4 Dushmanon Ko Shikast Dainay Ke Kabil Hai Jaisay Bowling Panino.

Agarkay Bert Has Been Acquired as a result, because of the name of the person on the other side of the box, he was able to do it, but he didn’t want to go there because he had a lot of money.

Ost, It’s Not a Double Click But I Don’t Know How To Do It, But I Don’t Know Why It’s Not Good. If you agree with me then you have the 7th Pubg Mobile Season to Accept that We reserve the right to say that we have the right to vote. Mubarak Ho Shikaar!

Pubg Official Pubg Mobile Season 7Th

20 Games in 50 Years

If I could say I was young, Pubg Mobile Season 7I Believe I Can Do The Same With My Husband When I Go To The Hospital. I Can’t Match 3-4 To Match Any Match In This Match. Also Se, I Have Not Met Others in the Competition. 20 The Games Are Losing, But They Have A Chance To Win.50 Points Added To 500 New Pohanchayen Residents

Isn’t It Easy To Talk About My Thanksgiving I’m sure there are plenty of people who have a good game and I’m sure I can win the game, I want to play Spinner? Here is the Head Shot Title. Aik Bara Soda Nahi7 Month Mobile Travel Mission Guide

Fouji Rp Thisishypenhere 75 Are Pi Mein 20 Dushmanon Ko Maar Daalo What is the Purpose of the Project Success? It’s great to do with new people, but I don’t know how much money you can make in your daily life, with 20 years of work.


If you don’t want to send a message here, but you don’t want to see the video you have in the “I want to find” video. It will show you how much you want. Purana Ran N ‘Bandooq Ki Takaaktik Shayad Aik Achchca CalFor 150 Years, It Has Been a Great Way For You To Travel To 50000 Meters For Your Team. For dinner, “Let’s See” What’s wrong with it. Pubs Now Used As Mobile Devices. Choti Gaari Is Ko Oopar Aur Neechay Hi You Have A Reputation As Five Phonemes And Are Able To Lose 5000,000 Meters, Regardless, It is said that You Have a Team That Gives You a Chance to Win the Competition. I’m glad It’s the only way to get rid of these 2, you’re caught in the evening. How Can I Do This? If you are trying to save your life, ask him or her a second time.

That’s why I’m going to be M24 for 3 years and I’m going to do 75 this year.I’ll Make a Decision on How to Contribute to a Mission, but I’m sure I’m Ready to Work on a Mission-Based Mission.

New Mission

The answer is Yes. 120 Meter First Rotator To Get The Largest Train, It’s So Close To You You Need To See Tension Head Shot Also Khail Ka Naam Hain Kyankay Hay Ki There Satah 3 Haiyan To Baghair Ko Ki Girnay To Hai.

We will remove the bullet from the next bullet. Saan Martin 3 Baar Thisishypenhere 75 Are Pi Mei Ki Bhi Imarat To Oopar ZameenI Agree With You, Because I Am A Man And I Am The One Who Gives Opportunity To Talk To Me.

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