PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update with new Mad Miramar map is now

PUBG Mobile is now live
PUBG Mobile is now live.

PUBG Mobile is now live Tencent Games, earlier today announced the launch of PUBG Mobile’s main update with Mad Miramar’s map via PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter handle. The update brings some new features like the new Miramar update now known as Mad Miramar, Season 13, a new weapon customization mode along with classic game modes and the new EvoGround. Some known bugs and issues have also been fixed with updates. PUBG Mobile is now live

The update has been rolling out gradually since today and the developer has confirmed that the server will not be offline for this update. However, players may need to have around 1.97GB and 2.21GB of free storage for Android and iOS.
Additionally, players who update their games before May 13 will receive free Radio, 888 BP and Lieutenant Parsec PUBG Mobile is now liveBackpack for free.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0: Mad Miramar Map PUBG Mobile is now live

Mad Miramar as the game’s latest patch note is a classic version of the map updated with some visual updates and some new elements like Sandstorm, a new racing track running across the map, a new Miramar map vehicle: Golden Mirado and self-service machines.
In addition, Mad Miramar maps are also the main stage in the form of new Main Menu themes, new soundtracks, and more. Tencent Games has also added some Miramar Achievements and Event rewards that players can earn upon completing.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0: Bluehole mode and Jungle Adventure mode in Sanhok (coming soon)

Bluehole mode will now have 2 zones defined by internal and external circles (zones). The inner zone will represent the location of the next play zone and players in this zone will lose health while the outside zone is still available. Similar to normal battle royale mode, an outer circle joins the inner zone, a new inner zone will appear. In addition to this, all

supplies come with a 50% increase on the Classic Mode Erangel map and players can revive their teammates in 4 seconds.
Jungle Adventure, on the other hand, is part of the Sanhok map where players will land randomly as they search for new games. The new adventure mode brings with it a number of new features and challenges now available in Sanhok. These new features and challenges include Totems, jungle food and hot air balloons.

Other changes include the new Win94 weapon with 2.7x scope, invisible views, new weapon weapon system, weapon packing, new P90 weapons in Arena Mode, Royal Pass Season 13: Game Games (launching May 13) and more .

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