The First 12 Minutes of Burnout Paradise Remastered – Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Welcome to Paradise Remastered the home of burnout driving from the winding trails of White Mountain to the grid network of downtown Paradise the city has miles of open road explore everything at your leisure this is unlike any driving experience you’ve ever had every Road in Paradise Remastered City is a challenge we record your fastest time and largest crash on each road when you want some real action pull up at the traffic lights and spin your wheel every intersections is a new adventure events in Paradise City finish at one of eight locations one for each point of the compass north of the city is the Country Club the

Paradise Remastered

Coast Guard HQ in the Northeast the waterfront Plaza on the East Coast in the southeast it’s the Wildcats baseball stadium Naval Yard in the South Bay loans Dalian ranch southwest of the city the wind farm in the West Hills and in the northwest mountains it’s the observatory as a newcomer to the city you’ve been granted a learner’s permit winning events earns your mark on your license when you win and up will upgrade your license and give you a new car the world is full of surprises

we’ll keep you updated as you drive what happens next is completely up to you this is crash FM and I’m DJ atomic ax fresh from Radio big to be your guide to the streets of Paradise Remastered first thing we need is a picture for your learner’s permit hold still and press the continue button to take your photograph this learner’s permit lets you drive anywhere in

Paradise City the best drivers have a Burnout driver’s license but you’ve got a lot to prove before you can earn one of those now let’s go to the junkyard to fix you up with a set of wheels this hunter cavalry is all we have for you today it’s a stunt class car which

The First 12 Minutes of Burnout Paradise Remastered

means it’s built for jumps and spins it’s a good all-round car though perfect for a newcomer like you now this car is a little beat up so it would be a good idea to find an auto repair shop and get it fixed before you get into any serious action we’ve marked the nearest one on your map here it’s just around the corner on Angus Wharf okay let’s just check this thing still starts hold the accelerator to fire up the engine when you take a wreck to an auto repair for the first time the burning roof

for that car is added to your map to call an event just pull up at a traffic signal then hold the brake and hit the gas any events you find are added to your map ready to road rage battle with the other drivers all over the city beat the takedown target before your car is totaled or before time runs out smash another driver up the road to score a takedown and pick up a boost bonus event winds are shown on your driver’s license keep up your winning streak to advance to the next license

Paradise Remastered the map at the bottom of the screen shows you surroundings and the signs at the top of the screen show the road you’re on and the next turnings flat spin your car head for a ramp at top speed then hit the ebrake to spin off the edge ready to race you are here race West a lone stallion wrench the compass at the top of the screen points to the finish line and the road signs help you find the next turn any shortcuts you’ll have to find for yourself you

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