New PUBG MOBILE 0.18.0 update coming on May 7 Miramar 2.0 Safety Scramble Mode and more

New PUBG MOBILE 0.18.0 update coming on May 7 Miramar 2.0 Safety

New PUBG MOBILE 0.18.0 update coming on May 7 Miramar 2.0 Safety one more month, another update for PUBG Versatile. Tencent’s real fighting game is reserved to receive another update within a week and a normal ton of the new solution. The PUBG Versatile group has downloaded an official secret for the 0.18.0 variant, hinting at a host of new things that players can appreciate in the PUBG Portable domains. There will be another vehicle, candy machines (in fact, you read that right), new PlayLab modes, and in particular an updated guide.

The official PUBG Portable Twitter ID has stated that the next huge PUBG Versatile update will take place on May 7. A secret video post alludes to a host of new things that are long assumed in-game. Despite the fact that the PUBG group has yet to report its roundup of new things, the new solution has just arrived in open beta and there are some new modes of interaction underway resulting in these current circumstances.

The game’s biggest expansion is presumably the updated Miramar 2.0 guide. The Miramar desert map has been around for the past few years in PUBG Portable and with the 0.18.0 fix it is finally going to get a significant redo. Players will find new candy machines that will give them pain relievers and caffeinated beverages. New PUBG MOBILE 0.18.0 update coming on May 7 Miramar 2.0 Safety

Miramar will also get another hasty incline, which presumably could have new vehicle hustle occasions. Also, the guide will be given another water area that is trusted to be like the congregations of events in Erangel and Vikendi. The Brilliant Mirado vehicle is also expected to go into the game.

Another significant change in the ongoing interaction will include another blue zone within the playable safe zone. Like the PC variant of the game, PUBG Portable will currently force players to fight in the playable zone without moving to the focal point of the early playable zone, most likely giving different players a reasonable chance of enduring.

Update 0.18.0 is also expected to bring two new modes of interactivity under the Playlab area. A Wellbeing Scramble mode is coming, which could be like the Virus Front Endurance mode downloaded later. Another “Desert Experience Guide Mode” is said to go into the game, despite the fact that there is no data on what this mode will offer.

Already, PUBG Portable gave us a frontal virus resistance mode in the PlayLab segment. In this mode, players are allowed to fight in the exemplary royal fighting style, but they need to gather wood and endure the cold weather during brief snowstorms.

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