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Minecraft phantom spawning summoning drops, and looting guide

Minecraft phantom

The phantom game The Minecraft is a group of hostile mobs who have been penetrating three days of sleepless play. Their cultivated green eyes can discover you from very far away so be prepared.

The Minecraft Phantom leaves a trail of gray smoke bloated as it spins in idle mode, which can be seen in Creative mode, as it will not attack. The Minecraft Ghost causes additional damage if exposed to a sword with smiling or harmful magic due to its immediate health effect. However, they are immune to poison and the effects of immediate damage dosages are reflected.

They attack by swooping and do not hover over the same place for a long time, which can make it difficult to get a good bow hit. The sword is the best way to eliminate the phantom, or you can send your wolf tame. If everything else fails, the Phantom is not a cat lover, and usually has a distance of 16 blocks from any feline – it will escape if the cats tame it.


Minecraft Ghost spawned in Overworld at night, or during a thunderstorm It will always spawn over you, making it extremely difficult to avoid these malicious creatures. If you suffer from insomnia and have gone for three days or more without sleep, expect to hear hollow screams of delusions as they obscure the sky above you. To make matters worse, ghosts are more likely to spawn whenever they leave a good night’s sleep.

To spawn a ghost, you must be just above sea level, and you don’t have an upper block that blocks light. The light Stealths’s ability is two, so it must be less than this in order for Ghost to be excreted in Minecraft. You can expect to hear the screams and flutter of 1-6 phantom wings, which will spawn 20-34 blocks over you.


You can summon a ghost using Minecraft, which will require you to play your own world deception. Using the chat window and “/ call command”, you will be able to summon a ghost in any Minecraft world you are in. Of course, you may want to change the time from day to night otherwise the delusional will erupt like any undead mob in Minecraft.


If you can kill the phantom, it will fall to the ground, allowing you to easily plunder the rewards. Minecraft Ghost drops valuable items as well as XP.

  • Phantom membranes 0-1
  • 5 Experience the celestial bodies

The good news is that the phantom Minecraft is a rowdy Minecraft game, which means it will burn in sunlight, making daylight a safe time to get rid. If you need a hand against the annoying sky demons, there are a number of that you can prepare to wage war on this scary monster.

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