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Maneater Review The millennia sharks have earned a name for themselves as nature’s perfect killing machines and Maneaters titular sea monster certainly lives up to that reputation roaming the Gulf of Mexico is a pissed-off bull shark with an insatiable appetite for human flesh and mutagens like a one shark Sharknado is certainly it can’t be thrilled its limitation though is that it’s just a single-minded as its predator protagonist the vast vast majority of what you’ll do in Maneater Review are

go here kill X of this animal or people objectives by way of combat that’s as deep as a puddle broken up by some amusing exploration and gathering of collectables [Applause] [Music] our shark antihero has her own personal Captain Ahab in the

form of a sleazy Cajun shark hunter with his own Deadliest Catch style reality series the show serves as a very loose framing device for the roughly 15 hour story which I and I don’t mean to shock you here doesn’t end up as an especially thought-provoking tale this game is entirely tongue-in-cheek of course but the shark hunter plays his vendetta a little bit too straight to be memorably goofy and contam inates questions all day got work to do the show’s narration by Chris Parnell of Rick and Morty and Archer Fame however nails it his disembo died voice follows you around with mostly made-up shark facts

Maneater Review

commentating on whatever you’re doing once the featured attraction at marine mammal parks now have a new favorite trick killing things you start out your shark life roaming the fresh waters of a Louisiana bayou as a young pup and the map almost immediately starts to reveal its surprising diversity across eight zones we see everything from the open sea to Maneater Review shallow and narrow waterways and they’re all loaded with unexpectedly interesting stuff and interconnected with sewer pipe mazes and underwater caves there’s weird submarine scenery galore and tons of pop-culture references to find these

Gulf waters are teeming with wildlife and it’s often soothing to watch them lazily swim around until you see the threat ening shape of a big predator emerge from the murk there’s one extremely odd omission though the absence of dolphins serves no purpose as neat as those animals are their ecosystem just doesn’t feel as lifelike as those in games like Far Cry or Red

Dead Redemption because nothing is aware of anything else you’ll never witness an alligator chomping on a turtle or a pod of orcas attacking seals and that’s kind of a bummer given that you spend 99% of your time very wet it’s a shame that the water effects don’t look all that modern if you put Maneater Review next to 2018 sea of thieves for instance it’s not a favorable

comparison at all under water it’s just hazy looking without a hint of the light refraction you see in nature documentaries and it’s just not impressive fighting underwater is pretty simple you use the directional dodge buttons to evade then hit the essential auto target button to refocus the camera on the enemy who just started past you then take a bite out of them or whack them with your tail to stun them so that you can bite them more there’s a nice Sharky touch to it and that when you

catch a smaller feature in your jaws you can make a side-to-side movement with a mouse or thumb sticks to thrash them for extra damage once you get the hang of combats timing it’s not usually very challenging unless you’re up against multiple big animals in a confined space you quickly learn that you can outrun pretty much anything so if you bite off more than you

Maneater Review can chew you can bail and snack on some little fish then return to the fight over and over again if necessary to whittle down bigger fish I died a handful of times learning my limits but after that it was rare that I went belly-up by the time I hit adult size even several boss level apex predator B started going down with barely a fight break what is often referred to as the

cute of I wouldn’t call combat bad since it does have its moments but it definitely suffers from a lack of variety in balance over a 15 hour play through what changes things up at least a little bit is when you come up to the surface to eat you some men it is admittedly hilarious to flop around like well like a giant angry fish out of water as you munch on one beach goer after the other they don’t actually really run from you so it’s as if every power pellet the pac-man gulped down screamed in terror before being shredded into a shower of blood and gore but of course once you’ve done it a few times even this

becomes a chore snacking on humans brings the shark countries out after you and like so much in Maneater Review fighting boats full of drunken idiots is funny at first but gets a little tedious pretty quickly it seems overwhelming at first to dodge their

constant barrage of lock-on attacks but after just a few upgrades to my health and armor I was basically ignoring them and smashing their boats to fibre glass splinters without doing whatever it is that sharks do instead of sweating I’d have killed for a frigging laser beam attached to my fore head just for variety City these fights went on long enough that I became

numb to them but you have to kill hunters by the literal boatload to draw the name shark hunters which is one of the only ways to get body part upgrades the thing is almost none of the hunters have any distinctive weaponry or anything to make their fight stand out so half the time I didn’t even realize I’d killed one until the reward screen popped up they could have Maneater Review

used a bigger boat you’d expect combat variety to come from how you equip yourself but many years upgrades never radically change how you fight there are only three scents boned bioelectric and shadow and they really boil down to being best for fighting boats best for killing animals and best for killing large groups respectively you can mix and match your Maneater Review jaw’s head dorsal fin body and tail as you please and the resulting franken shark excuse me Frank and sharks monster looks

kind of Awesome but consider in g you just have to fast travel to one of your safe haven grottoes to swap out parts at will there’s not much of a decision to be made other than which set to dump incremental upgrade points into first it’s absolutely fun to play as mutant jaws on steroids man-eater choose the metaphorical scenery as often as it has you devouring the human and diverse aquatic inhabitants of the Gulf of Mexico and that’s some good dumb entertainment for a while but if

you’re wondering whether it’s shallow combat and simplistic upgrades can sustain that excitement for the roughly 15 hours it takes to become a hulking Mega Shark and reach the end of the uninspired satirical revenge story it cannot for more on Maneater Review check out our extended Maneater Review clips of feeding frenzy madness and for everything else stick with idea

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