GTA 5 Like Games For Android

GTA 5 like games for android games like GTA v Love G T A 5? and want to play it on android? The amazing creature, you are in the right place! Today we count 5 best games like G T A 5 f for android!o let’s get started! Number 5! That’s California Straight’s badass, 2! The story goes like this, Your gang has been in difficult times but now you are back, and ready to bring your

GTA 5 like games for android Group San Andreas Thugs back to the map! but where have you been for years? Putin said you have been locked up in a scary place for 5 years! so prepare yourself and take back what once belonged to you. number 2! eh! I mean 4! A good old story about a car thief in a dangerous

GTA 5 like games for android

city, looking for easy money. The game is called, Gangster City! Complete missions like crazy, collect rewards like hungry thieves for years, steal cars like your neighbors. Unlock the best weapons, such as unlocking your car, demolishing everything, like you did when you lost an fps game, to someone on the 1st floor. The road is full of special forces and vicious bandits, dirty cops, and raging gangs. Have you managed to survive and become rich! or you will end up in a sewer! I know it’s a sewer! number 3! Chicago City Police Story 3D! this is an open

world, but with one big plot! you are a police officer and not someone like CJ or Trevor! but this game is Great! and don’t forget the great graphics! Number 2! and not 4! That’s Grand Gangsters 3D! Grand Gangsters are dark. that doesn’t mean you can’t see anything, it means the crime is completely dark! there is a great mission, you can defeat the police. or you can follow the traffic lights like you have your daughter in your car. you can Steal an automatic

car, you can invite the police for dinner and then eat it. you know that’s a joke right? you can also race through the streets, and shoot other gangs. Do you have enough courage to climb to the top of the pile of crime? think number one! Follow a fun, very wide, and very rich journey GTA 5 like games for android

to the City of Sin! Enjoy everything Vegas has to offer, from shooting rival gangs and stealing cars to running downstream, to pushing your luck at the casino and adjusting your strings. You can also fly to the sky as you explore every inch of this criminal paradise. Wait a minute, did I forget to name this game? useless! it’s called Las Vegas! eh! No! That’s a vegan thug! I hope I am not fired! GTA 5 like games for Android More About Wikipedia

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