The best Survival zombie games on PC

What are the best zombie survival games on pc PC? You can step on Steam without a jumper game on your ankle, so this is a valid question. Don’t dismiss the entire genre simply because there’s a load of brainless clones, though – below we have some of the zombie shooting games pc to turn your way onto PCs. zombie games on pc

Zombie games include pieces from survival simulations to the Lovecraftian co-op period, and if you like, you can also take a shambling detour through tower defense and post-apocalypse parkour.

This list of zombie games has everything that one could ask for unexpected excitement. We have annoying moral questions posed by The Walking Dead, the high-octane FPS action of Black Ops 3, and the horrifying horrors of Resident Evil. Whatever your taste of decay, these are the best horror games on PC.

1.Resident Evil 2 Remake

While the first Resident Evil game saves the bulk of its terror through the setting of its haunted house, the surprise remake of Resident Evil 2 makes the zombies the stars of the show. These are by far cry 5 reviews the most frighteningly unseen shuffles the series has produced, each with a mutilated, bloody face telling a story of how they got infected. Like all the best zombie games, Resident Evil 2’s lurking apprehension follows unexpectedly, snatching and swiping at you as you shoot shot after shot in panic. The Best horror games on pc

The shooting in the head only lasts a second or two and allows you to feel the front, but you need to shoot them for a few more time this their cupola guarantee that they Have not returned Alternatively, you can go for the limbs: a pair of pistols is enough to close the shot ankle, making them much less mobile and allowing you to carefully skirt around them. A shot scuff and it will still tear a piece of meat from your target, adding some gore gravitas to every spent cartridge. Oh, and if you’re looking for some help with ammo, Best Survival Game PC


Honestly, you can choose any of Traynor’s Call of Duty games on this list, as their zombie hoard modes are the best. While the special Black Ops 4 has been released, all three of the zombie-themed maps will be released free of charge and will remain as non-flawless playgrounds as the DLC.

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With three launch maps taking place in the area of the Roman Gladiator, the RMS Titanic, and the Alcatraz Prison – each with a mystery ranging from the lightened Easter eggs and powerful weapons to exposing boss fights and karakas. For – Call of Duty Studios is not as much fun with the zombie gang mode as Treyarch.


This is how you died Project Zombied tells you when you first walk in gingers to the American countryside. This is not going to end well. But you can do it for a short time – you will surely get good life skills while living isometric knowing. scavenging, food sourcing, and first aid skills.

The entire map is open and guidance is minimal – only a tab open for good preparation and the zombied wiki can save you. Once you establish a home base, the game becomes a case of tense smash and grab, weighing the potential loot against the possibility of zombie encounters. Long-term sustainability is about building the American continent – building and maintaining farms and using a variety of sports games.

Where most zombie games are about killing the dead with some weighty before moving on to heavy artillery, zombied avoidance is about careful management and slow-burn tactics.

Speaking of slow burns, Zomboid has been in open development for almost a decade and a half – so see what we make of it in our project Zomboid Early Access Review. But don’t turn it off by Early Access Tag: It is one of the richest zombie games in existence.


If you look for the story, you will be well served by the original, but the sequel works to compliment the game system for a more satisfying open-world survival experience. Is made

Playing like an RPG, State of Day 2 is an online zombie game that initially surprises with its premade. the forest to obtain the necessary food, fuel, or drugs. Once they are back home in bed – or under Murray’s blows – you can take control of another character from your base with their background, personality, and combat abilities.

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Whenever you choose to choose another stranger in your growing base, you are giving in to another playing character; To write another new story for Middle and End.


One of the best co-op games and zombie games on PC – which is not Left 4 Dead 2 – Killing Floor 2 is a chaotic, frantic mob, as you blow up dead brains in heavy metal jungles.

Zombies of all shapes and sizes make you come thick and fast, making Killing Floor 2 an excellent pick-and-play-cum-co-title. But as you devote more time to indulging in a place of zombie bashing, Killing Floor 2 becomes a zombie game with an entertaining strategy element: do you now spend your blood-soaked resources, or Save them for a tough confrontation?

It’s great to see Flooring 2’s gameplay hitting, most importantly, playing as a wonderfully engaging shooter with friends – its best mechanic only makes it to the last minute.


This is not a particularly beautiful or polished game, but Dead Island remains one of the best zombie games on PC. With its first-person bashing Shuffler and a four-player co-op, it’s tempting to compare Techland’s first zombie game to Left 4 Dead 2 – but this is what Dead Island borrowed from Fallout 3 Makes it compelling. Red Dead Redemption 2 pc

The ‘island’ in question is a small off the coast of Papua New Guinea, and its former ruins are starved to fulfill your hard-earned vacation. Any narrative interest begins and ends here, but – when you slack off in the first hour, this small ocean island opens up to reveal a world of impressive scale.

Still, a big world is meaningless if zombies don’t enjoy it. Thankfully, combat and RPG-lite progression are attractive enough to sustain you: you’ll start with melee-based weapons, but later you’ll be on throwing knives and machetes that will allow one-hit kill to be satisfied.

Dead Island and Quasi-Sequel Repeat Despite Remastered Treatment Happening to Dead Island: Some Editions, Some Insects Still Buried, Survived Original Release. And don’t hold your breath waiting for the sequel: The development of Dead Island 2 has been disturbed, to say the least.


Did techland make on the runway – shuffle-away? – Dead Island’s success with another open-world zombie game with customizable melee weapons and four-player co-op. And to start off, they look cut from the same fabric, offering a busy first hour. Then the dying light takes that cloth, fills it in a bottle, sets it on fire, and throws it into a packet of undead from a great height.

As survived in the post-disaster world, Dying Light is a scavenger. Its map icons and diversification have been ripped from the Ubisoft formula. Parkour is derived from Mirror’s Edge. But clambering informs every other aspect of the game, turning it into an exploratory, casual adventure. For best results, ignore the more repetitive missions and take to the roofs of Haran, which is designed to take into account vertical fuzz. GTA V Cheats

Dead 4’s dead fans will be happy to hear that the Dying Light Twitter page has announced a crossover between the two zombie co-op games. The format has not surfaced yet, but fans can expect to see some iconic characters or weapons from Left 4 Dead in the Dieting Light setting.

They were working with borrowed parts, but Techland put one of the best zombie games in Dying Light, which is why we’re so excited for the Dying Light 2 release date. The narrative complexity promised by the faction system of Dying Light 2 is exciting, with the story written by the legendary Chris Avalon.

8. LEFT 4 DEAD 2

It has been eight years but Left 4 Dead 2 has always looked economical in the way of valve shooters. This means that unlike many zombie games, it has aged well – despite the lack of any fancy, physically based rendering or global illumination. This is a zombie game that is definitely not made better, even when compared to the different themed siblings Vermintide and the two payday games.

Presumably, Left 4 Dead loses some of its wonderful balance of small arms by expanding it to sequels – filling the world with improvised weapons and special types of ammunition. But, even so, Left 4 Dead 2 and Origin are still the world of pc games.

While some post-apocalyptic scenarios default to a familiar version of Zombie-Dome, which we’ve been frustrating for a long time, Left 4 Dead 2 presents a world in which normality is very recent. Though the cities are vacant after waves of evacuation, humanity feels good enough to touch thanks to the messages scattered on the walls of safe houses. There is also a unique warmth here: the cultural influence of New Orleans and its messengers extends from the marshes to the streets and the soundtrack.


Telltale’s The Walking Dead Series. A timer-bound conversation system inspired by social anxiety. Realize the interpersonal warmth that looks like a campfire in the cold night. Giving you humor and half-an-hour relief, as well as a tendency to characterize you before committing cruelty, you care in a way that only the best adventure games on PC can do. Those evil talents.

This is something we would like to see from more zombie games: The Walking Dead is not really about Walker. They are the background to a series of stories about human nature. The major characters here are capable of both great compassionate and unforgivable evils in the name of protecting themselves. The only assurance is at the end of each episode when you get to see what percentage of fellow players made the same terrible agreement with you. You have plenty to make such decisions that it comes round Finale, but The Walking Dead: The Final Season is its best series.


In some zombie fiction, the crowd is not capricious, not at all, but guided by a big brain in their quest for brains. Here, you are directing the epidemic from behind your keyboard. Developers NoClip argues: “Apocalypse is the only way to survive the zombie apocalypse!”

For those who found the cause of lemmings too great, Zombie Knight Terror is a zombie game twist on that puzzler format. You are offered a comprehensive view of black-and-white action and are given away to influence what falls into your exposed eyes.

Pesky Human will take away your numbers with your Buzz, Shotgun, and Reproduced Snow Trucks – but you can hold the ranks with a few survivors. What’s more, Murray can be transformed into mutated creatures that grow on Left 4 Dead – flying themselves to bits and surviving with them or spitting globules of green acid that would become bubbles in the stark against a brown background. Huh. The colorless world of this zombie game is waiting to be covered in bright red blood


Atom Zombie Smasher is one of the very few zombie games going for the big picture. It puts you in charge of the city of Defense Forces of Nuevo Aires and serves you with as many civilians as you can save. From your top-down perspective, you call in rescue helicopters, direct sniper teams, and make monstrous sacrifices to achieve your goal.

For most maps your goal is simple: get as many citizens as possible. You tell your helicopters where to land, give space to your sea teams, and set up explosives. Then, when you start the hit, the flood is flooded by various entrances around the level. If a citizen reaches a citizen they are immediately infected, and all too quickly a city block can be swiped from the undead.

Sometimes you have to cut your losses. Every time you make a game-saving blockade, you are essentially throwing some of your charges into the wrong side. The distant top-up perspective – which casts yellow dots as and pink ones as zombies – encourages distant utilitarianism. You are not Francis, Bill, Zoy or Luis this time – you are the military who dropped bombs on their heads.’


Given that we’re still not close to the Left 4 Dead 3 release date, a new game that strictly follows the co-op zombie formula that will make the L4D series popular. World War Z doesn’t offer anything revolutionary of its own for that formula, but it’s still fun when playing with friends through their Gantlet-style campaign missions, upgrading their kit over time, And watching rotting corpses explode under heavy machine gunfire. With over 2 million copies sold through the Epic Games store since launch, it is also a smash hit.

13.Resident Evil HD Remaster

The thing about Native Evil is still true that so many other zombie games are missed, the loneliness of being one of the only people with a pulse in the realm of many miles. It remains completely intact in the horrific Desolation Resident Evil HD remaster, which is actually a slightly

the modern version of the Resident Evil game Quebec remake, which came out in 2002. Don’t get us wrong, the 2015 re-remake may have been more (those pre-paced backgrounds are looking a bit blurry these days) but all that is is a seminal best zombies survival games

14.Death Road to Canada

With its giant house gore, chiptune surf rock and chunky pixel aesthetics, Death Road to Canada is easily the strangest
game on this list.

Canada Death from Death Road uses the classic “I hear it’s safe there”, which is the basis for kicking off a desperate road trip from Florida to maple syrup and the land of humble strangers, straight to the United States overrun rest stop And through cities. Many aspects of your journey are randomly generated, including characters you begin with or later enlist, and each survivor comes with their own stats that influence how they go about their cause. How well they do in hiring dead or dogs. You know, typical apocalypse stuff.

Random events that feed off each other on the street and in upside-down, zombie-dodging segments; Some good supplies mean you will have enough gas and food to select risky And this is not a game that is afraid to kill its randomly generated cracks. It gets even smarter if you use the optional Create-A-Survivor feature to seed your game world with pixelated versions of your friends and family. No matter who you need to go after, you’d better be ready to start that car and go if you want to make it north of the border.

There you have it, the best zombie game on PC. Whether you are all trying to rebuild society against the constant waves of reshuffling with your fellow survivors, or you just want to run away as fast as you can from the dead, a zombie here for you Is the game.
If you’ve completed all of these, be sure to check out our thoughts on Dying Light: Bad Blood Battle Royale or read our State of the Day 2 PC review to choose the original for this list. For now, however, we keep a better eye on the bite we have previously suffered. This is probably fine.

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