Top 10 Greatest Rockstar Games Of All Time!

Top 10 GreTop 10 Greatest Rockstar Games Of All Time! games out there! I’m your friend ‘Big Smoke’ and in this video, we’ll see, ‘Top 10 Rockstar Games for Android and iOS’ Make sure to Leave a BIG FAT LIKE if you enjoy this video and now without wasting any time… Here we go again! GTA V Virtual

gangstas, pimps, and law-less criminals rejoice- for the gods of Los Santos have blessed us with a fully mobile version of Grand Theft Auto V! YEAH! ARE YOU STOKED OR WHAT?! LET’S GIVE A STANDING OVATION TO ROCKSTAR (AUDIENCE CLAPS)! And then promptly sit back

An exclusive game without bursting into flames. GTA: San Andres Return to the game-changing streets of San Andres, and pretend it’s 2004 again, with the mobile port for GTA: San Andres. This fully Remastered, improved resolution port was built specifically for mobile. This is one of Rockstar’s more impressive mobile options- featuring over 70 hours of gameplay, allowing

Top 10 Greatest Rockstar Games Of All Time!

You have Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas in the palm of your hand…literally. Drive, Bike, abuse hookers in a mobile game that my mom calls “inappropriate to play at your niece’s baptism,” which, to be fair, I probably could have turned the sound off. All jokes aside, the

the game performs flawlessly as a mobile option, and with a $6.99 price tag for Andriod and iOs, you definitely get to bang for your buck. Bully Don’t feel like driving down sidewalks, watching pedestrians bounce off the hood, and go under the tires? Return to your high-school days of causing havoc in Bullworth, in the world of Bully. Ally yourself with the Bullies, as you ruin the high school experiences of Nerds, Preppies, Greasers, and Jocks. Rockstar delivers the

quintessential high school experience in the now mobile port. Groups such as Bullying Online and Peaceaholics criticized the game’s original release for glorifying or trivializing school

bullying. I like to think it gives the bullied the chance to be the bully- and maybe by learning to understand why bullies act this way, we can have a more harmonious society. That and if GTA has taught us anything- sometimes it’s fun to play the bad guy. Don’t bully real people, bully

representations of people in Bully for iOs and Andriod. GTA III Welcome to Liberty City- where it all began. GTA III is available on iOs and Android. GTA III is probably one of the most influential games of all time. For its time, no-one has the 3-D graphics and the map size that GTA III had. Revisiting the world on mobile feels like a match made in heaven. Most mobile

phones can easily run the game, and the HD remaster and optimized touch controls really help remind us how great this game was. GTA III is a frequent flyer when it comes to mentions as people’s favorite game of all time, and some call it one of the best games ever made. Rockstar’s jump into sprawling, story-rich, open worlds can be traced back to this game. This game is a must-play, and being available on mobile makes that all the easier. Max Payne Top 10 Greatest Rockstar Games Of All Time!

Mobile Max Payne’s bullet-time is one of the most iconic video game abilities ever made. The slow-motion, cinematic gunplay won the original game multiple games of the year awards and even helped inspire the Matrix movie. So, the argument could be made that without the Max

Payne game, Keanu Reeves may not have become the phenom he is today. If you love Keanu Reeves, you have to love Max Payne. The mobile version ads HD Resolution, and relatively okay touch screen controls. To get the full Max Payne experience, throw on your best Mark Wahlberg impression, and also connect a Bluetooth controller. This is also a PSA that when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark, a member of the Funky Bunch was known as Hector the Booty Inspector… and while unrelated, it makes me very happy. GTA Chinatown Wars Top 10 Greatest Rockstar Games Of All Time!

Originally for the PSP and Nintendo DS, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is fully mobile. The game was designed around the touch-screen, allowing for specific gameplay and interaction with objects that the other GTA games didn’t have the capability to do. With the mobile version getting full access to the Radio Stations from the PSP version, the sounds of Liberty City can be your life’s new soundtrack as well. The original game was claimed as “ a masterpiece of handheld gaming” by IGN UK, and the mobile option only improves on that statement. This game was designed to be a mobile phone game, they just didn’t know it yet!

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories The coolest part of GTA: Liberty City Stories, unfortunately, didn’t make it to mobile. Rockstar’s custom soundtracks feature in the OG game made this game so much fun. Luckily, with the mobile version, you can just turn off the music in settings, and bump whatever music floats your boat. The game is a prequel to Grand Theft Auto III and gives Toni Cipriani’s appearance in GTA III all the more interesting. With

Top 10 Greatest Rockstar Games Of All Time! shorter, streamlined missions designed with mobile gameplay in mind, this game becomes a great choice when you’ve got time to kill. And hookers to kill. That seems to be a staple of GTA. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Welcome to the ’80s. A time full of glam metal, Cabbage

Patch Kids, and the rise of the Crack epidemic. GTA: Vice City sends you into the city for a tale full of murder, drug deals, and terrible hairstyles. The mobile port gives you the full Top 10 Greatest Rockstar Games Of All Time! Experience. Part of that experience is the terrible controls- but to be fair, the controls for this game were notoriously garbage before it was ported to mobile- so…I guess it’s a feature of Vice City. This game is one of my favorite GTAs, simply because of the massive controversy this game stirred up. Rockstar is the bad-boy of the gaming industry, and this game had
Top 10 Greatest Rockstar Games Of All Time!

suburban moms up in arms. Art is supposed to cause a reaction, and if suburban moms have no ability to see the art in selling crack and running over pedestrians- then this art degree was useless! Alright, so the next two games are available on Andriod- so iOs users…sorry dudes. Emulators operate in a legal gray area- and I wanted to take a moment, while we’ve spent the day talking about crack and hookers, to always make sure you emulate legally and Top 10 Greatest Rockstar Games Of All Time!

With the original film’s actors providing voiceover for your whole adventure. The fighting mechanics in this game make you feel like a certified bad-ass. Rockstar likes to keep you morally reprehensible, allowing you to engage in all sorts of petty crime, including muggings, stealing car stereos, lockpicking, and tagging graffiti! The mobile emulation feels fitting to

Top 10 Greatest Rockstar Games Of All Time! Mobile gaming and graffiti writing have never felt smoother. Can’t you just smell those fumes? (Inhales) ahhh- toxic paint fumes. Search 2 If your need for crime strays from the GTA path, and you’re looking to be the game equivalent of Jason Voorhees- Manhunt 2 is the mobile rockstar game for you. Search 2 is pretty much the prime example used by anti-

video-game legislators and concerned mothers. In this stealth-horror game, There are three ‘levels’ of execution, with each level progressively more violent and graphic than the last; Level 1 (Hasty) executions are quick and not very bloody, Level 2 Violent)are considerably gorier, and Level 3 (Gruesome) are over-the-top gore shows. I love them. Middle-America did not. Few other games let you play as an escaped psych inmate turned slasher villain- and I,

Personally, find it no worse than any 80’s slasher film. But, I love horror- and most people try to stop things that scare them, even if that’s what the game was supposed to do. Well- that’s about all the crime I can legally show you before becoming an accomplice! So always Top 10 Greatest Rockstar Games Of All Time!

remember what GTA and Rockstar have taught us, it’s okay to fight the system, sidewalks are effective roadways, and snitches get stitches. Make sure you guys like this video and subscribe if you haven’t already- so you don’t miss out on any of our upcoming videos! This is Big Smoke, signing off- (sounds like he took off his mic- distant) WOW that Manhunt game is going to give me nightmares! … Is this thing still on? Top 10 Greatest Rockstar Games Of All Time!

PUBG Mobile Alternatives You Can Play Right Now From Free Fire

PUBG Mobile Alternatives You Can Play Right Now Best of Popluar Game in india. However, late reports suggest that the game may be under legal review and may be banned in India. If you are a portable pubg fan depressed with this, you are not the only one, but fortunately there are many famous options that you can do as well.

Call Of Duty Mobile:

Call Of Duty Mobile:: Mobile launches a year ago in October, and since then the game has evolved to quickly streamline pubg position. Although he was the first individual shooter, he had a ‘Battle Royale’ with an earlier guide that even includes zombies. It doesn’t have a number of guides offered by PUBG, but you can choose a class for yourself. The game is also updated every month and the new game mode and weapon is still included. It can be accessed for free on IOS & Android PUBG Mobile Alternatives You Can Play Right Now

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is the most likely name that reads the bell after PUBG when sending Royales fights. The interesting thing about this game is that unlike Mobile PUBG, Fortnite on your mobile phone increases the level of usage so you can face a PC player and player support. Although PUBG Mobile Alternatives You Can Play Right Now

the game style recognizes from PUBG, you also have construction mechanics where you need to create a divider, slope, roof, roof and floor to create a strong fortress around you. This will cause you to have an important spread when busy with battle, or even use a drug box. This game is accessible on Android and iOS.

Garena Free Fire:

This is a black horse’s cell phone course against the Royales. Although there are more than 100 million downloads, this game is no longer a simple name, but in general we can not find anything. You will feel very comfortable if you are from PUBG until now, again, in fact the time to fight alone is 10 minutes and 50 individuals can attract interest. You can play this game with nothing on iOS and Android. PUBG Mobile Alternatives You Can Play Right Now

Battlelands Royale

One of the things bells when we played Battlelands Royale- “OMG very cute “. It develops in equations with the royales of other battles, but itself. The game offers a top perspective and improves many things. For example, only 32 players play in a match that fall on the guide takes only a few seconds compared to forever umbrella and as each of these engagements you will be tired, nonsense activity. This game can be playing on iOS and Android. PUBG Mobile Alternatives You Can Play Right Now

Butter Royale

This game is amazing for children and You have no carnage because you are going spread and food for everyone and the characters are very fond. The game itself does not have to be imaginable, and it flows easily … such as spreads. The main drawback is that you need Apple arcade membership to play. However, hello, if you don’t run free in advance, it’s an absolute effort. As mentioned earlier, this game is only accessible for iOS. PUBG Mobile Alternatives You Can Play Right Now

Top 10 RPG Games For Android

Top 10 RPG Games For Android Your one-stop destination for the best Smartphone games out there! This is your friend ‘Big Smoke,’ and today, we will see Top 10 Awesome RPG games that can be played entirely offline! So No Internet? No problem! Make sure to Leave a BIG FAT LIKE if you enjoy this video and now without wasting any time… Let’s get started! Top 10 RPG Games For Android

Top 10 RPG Games For Android, We’re kicking off this list with none other than The Elder Scrolls Blades, one of the most highly anticipated mobile RPGs of 2019. The game comes directly from Bethesda Softworks and is a spin-off of the leading Elder Scrolls series, which also includes highly-acclaimed titles like Skyrim and Oblivion. Despite its relatively small size of 150 MB, the game features gorgeous graphics, plenty of quests, an in-depth character creator, and even a PvP mode

Top 10 RPG Games For Android

Next up, we have Infinity Souls, a 297 MB fantasy-themed action RPG inspired by the Dark Souls series! The game isn’t quite as bleak as Dark Souls but features similarly challenging bosses that can end you in two hits and a combat system that rewards skill instead of mindless screen tapping. Make sure you’re prepared to die repeatedly as you try to “git gud” at this game because Infinity Souls will absolutely wreck you otherwise. Top 10 RPG Games For Android

Remember how we mentioned that Dark Souls inspired the last game? Yes, well, this next one is called Animus – Harbinger and IS Dark Souls! The action RPG was developed by Tenbirds and is similar to Bandai Namco’s infamous series in Gameplay and aesthetics. You’ll need around 1.5 gigs of free space if you want to pick this one up, but it’s worth it.

You’re looking for something more colorful; you may want to keep an eye out for Nimian Legends: Bridge Ridge. This hand-crafted open-world RPG developed by Protopop Games isn’t free but will only take 429 MB of your space and will give you plenty of pretty environments to look at in return. The game can probably best be described as a combination between Skyrim and Shadow of the Colossus. Need I say more? Top 10 RPG Games For Android

Coming up next on our list, we have Ice and Fire: Dawn Break, an action RPG with anime-inspired graphics developed by Auer Media & Entertainment. This free 836 MB game challenges players with constant hack-and-slash combat across over 100 different levels and several difficult boss battles along the way. There are only three characters to choose from; however, this lack of variety is offset by the fact that each of them comes with unique weapons and abilities. Top 10 RPG Games For Android

Top 10 RPG Games For Android Next, we take a look at yet another souls-like game that wears its inspiration on its sleeve. This particular title is known as Revenant Knight and offers dozens of different types of enemies and 14 bosses, each more terrifying than the last. Developed by 6000Software and weighing in at 416 MB, Revenant Knight is arguably even more difficult than most of its siblings as you can’t level up or equip items that will increase your stats. Top 10 RPG Games For Android

Moving on, we have Portal Knights, an excellent RPG developed by 505 Games. At first glance, some might dismiss Portal Knights as yet another Minecraft clone, but there’s a lot more to this game than meets the eye. Portal Knights is a very immersive sandbox RPG with robust building mechanics, solid combat, and even a 4-player co-op mode! This 1.4 GB title isn’t free, but it definitely offers excellent bang for Top 10 RPG Games For Android 

your buck. If you love Diablo, you’re going to get a kick out of our next pick. Eternium is a very popular ARPG developed by Making Fun, Inc. with over 1.8 million downloads on Google Play alone and hordes of dedicated fans continually singing its praises. And why shouldn’t they? This free-to-play game takes some of the best elements of Diablo and combines them with a unique spell casting system in order to create something extraordinary.

Next up on our list, we have Battleheart Legacy, a funky looking RPG developed by Mika Mobile. Don’t let its blocky aesthetic fool you, though, because there’s a lot to love about this title. Battleheart Legacy is a highly immersive RPG with 12 character classes and over 150 skills to choose from. Epic boss battles? Check. Great story? Of course. Loot galore? Yep, and then some! All that and more tucked neatly inside an 890 MB package. Top 10 RPG Games For Android 

 We’re wrapping things up with an absolutely epic game known as Arcane Quest Legends. This 2.2 GB & slash RPG developed by Nex Game Studios is massive in size, as well as in scope. The game takes place across a vast landscape filled to the brim with countless dungeons to explore and hideous monsters to slay. There’s also a highly in-depth character customization system and a compelling storyline to boot. In short, an authentic classic RPG experience.  

So that’s all for today, guys hope you enjoyed the video! To watch this video with excellent music, check out the link on the top comment! See you in the next video! Till then, this is your friend ‘Big Smoke’, Signing Off! Top 10 RPG Games For Android If that address is correct, here are three other things you can try:

TryAlso: APK Games

GTA 5 Like Games For Android

GTA 5 like games for android games like GTA v Love G T A 5? and want to play it on android? The amazing creature, you are in the right place! Today we count 5 best games like G T A 5 f for android!o let’s get started! Number 5! That’s California Straight’s badass, 2! The story goes like this, Your gang has been in difficult times but now you are back, and ready to bring your

GTA 5 like games for android Group San Andreas Thugs back to the map! but where have you been for years? Putin said you have been locked up in a scary place for 5 years! so prepare yourself and take back what once belonged to you. number 2! eh! I mean 4! A good old story about a car thief in a dangerous

GTA 5 like games for android

city, looking for easy money. The game is called, Gangster City! Complete missions like crazy, collect rewards like hungry thieves for years, steal cars like your neighbors. Unlock the best weapons, such as unlocking your car, demolishing everything, like you did when you lost an fps game, to someone on the 1st floor. The road is full of special forces and vicious bandits, dirty cops, and raging gangs. Have you managed to survive and become rich! or you will end up in a sewer! I know it’s a sewer! number 3! Chicago City Police Story 3D! this is an open

world, but with one big plot! you are a police officer and not someone like CJ or Trevor! but this game is Great! and don’t forget the great graphics! Number 2! and not 4! That’s Grand Gangsters 3D! Grand Gangsters are dark. that doesn’t mean you can’t see anything, it means the crime is completely dark! there is a great mission, you can defeat the police. or you can follow the traffic lights like you have your daughter in your car. you can Steal an automatic

car, you can invite the police for dinner and then eat it. you know that’s a joke right? you can also race through the streets, and shoot other gangs. Do you have enough courage to climb to the top of the pile of crime? think number one! Follow a fun, very wide, and very rich journey GTA 5 like games for android

to the City of Sin! Enjoy everything Vegas has to offer, from shooting rival gangs and stealing cars to running downstream, to pushing your luck at the casino and adjusting your strings. You can also fly to the sky as you explore every inch of this criminal paradise. Wait a minute, did I forget to name this game? useless! it’s called Las Vegas! eh! No! That’s a vegan thug! I hope I am not fired! GTA 5 like games for Android More About Wikipedia

Top 20 Android FPS of All Time | Best First-person Shooters

Top 20 Android FPS of All Time: Sniper GluMobile’s sniping game is a level up from other sniper games. For one, it’s not just all about the sniping. This entry from Contract Killers offers you shooting fun with other weapons too. Hunt around your subject in the many different missions and savor the moment when the last baddie bites the dust. Switching between scope and cover might steal a bit of its FPS flair, it’s good enough with a score of 7.7. 19. Neon Shadow Now, if it’s futuristic shooters you want, you can never go wrong with Neon Shadow. While it takes inspiration from retro games, it never fails to feel fresh. Take to

 Their neon halls, burst through trap doors, and duke it out with drones and robots using all sorts of futuristic weaponry. A treat for fans of Halo and Metroid Prime on the mobile, it gets a score of 7.85 18. Kill Shot A lot of games these days can surpass the graphics of this 2014 hit. But in its time, Kill Shot’s 3D visuals were

impressive enough for most. As a member of an elite special ops task force, stare into your rifle scope and eliminate your targets in various missions and scenic locations around the globe. While it’s brought down by its microtransactions, Kill-Shot remains a great FPS title with a play score of 7.97. 17. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath garnered high praise when it was first

Top 20 Android FPS of All Time

She was released on the PC, PS4, and PS Vita. Which means this android had some big shoes to fill. It’s a hybrid of the third person, and first-person gameplay and its action and adventures begin in an odd Wild West besieged by outlaws. You play the itinerant bounty hunter tasked to lay down the law once more. It’s almost the same award-winning action-adventuring on the PC and consoles, with a few adjustments for the touch

controls. It has a play score of 8.06. 16. Kill Shot Virus If you enjoyed the sniping action in Kill Shot, Kill Shot Virus spreads it out to the zombie genre, infecting you with the heroics of saving yourself, the survivors, and the entire human race. Top 20 Android FPS of All Time

Apart from the zombie-shooting, there’s also a whole load of upgrades on offer. Deck yourself out with fancy machinery or go out in style with all their cool gear. Perfect for a quick and easy fps dose, it gets a score of 8.07. 15. Dead Effect 2 More sci-fi and zombies are you are coming yours in this sequel to BadFly interactive’s FPS. Dead Effect 2 puts more focus into a story in this second entry, immersing you in their nightmarish tale set in a colony spaceship. Choose between their three playable characters, each with their own weapons specializations, and bring whatever screeching ghoul comes in your way. Boasting console-like atmosphere, graphics, and voiceovers, it receives a play score of 8.09. 14.

Pokemon Go

innovation, but it delivers what it set out to do: letting you play Deathmatches and Capture the Flags with your squad whenever and wherever you go. It has a play score of 8.1 13. DEAD TRIGGER Madfinger Games’ original Dead Trigger isn’t perfect. The second installment may still be the more refined choice, this first outing, despite some clunkiness in their controls, has more than enough Top 20 Android FPS of All Time

Zombie shooting action for a few hours of enjoyment Rain bullets on the ensuing hordes of undead and get some satisfaction out of every splash of zombie noggin. Not as heavy on smartphones as it used to be, Dead Trigger gets a play score of 8.24 12. Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores This game is Jurassic Park. Except it was after all the Dinosaurs escaped, laid waste to the Earth, and it’s now up to you to put them in back in their place:

Top 20 Android FPS of All Time underground. Set in a world between ancient and new, Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores shows off its polished visuals that highlight the beauty of bringing down prehistoric game. Learn your keep

Top 20 Android FPS of All Time With each completed mission and use them to purchase various upgrades for your weapons. Just make sure you complete the contracts, or you’ll be dino dinner for sure. It has a play score of 8.24 11. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour As fun as Modern Combat 5 was, Modern Combat 4 is where the series hit its peak. It takes to heart their goal to bring Call of Duty to the mobile. With Zero Hour, they brought about a memorable shooting experience. Go from one end of the

World to the other as you save kidnapped world leaders from a terrorist group. Aside from the singleplayer action, it wouldn’t be complete without its multiplayer that spreads out the fun with various modes to choose. It has a play score of 8.26 10. Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition) Not having actual trigger fingers hasn’t stopped these guys yet. Pixel Gun 3D takes on the visuals of Minecraft, making it just as enjoyable for all ages as Top 20 Android FPS of All Time

Mojang’s original sandbox title. It also expands on Minecraft’s survival gameplay with a story campaign that challenges you to survive a zombie outbreak. Pixel Gun’s main threat is it’s multiplayer. Not only does it have an updated Battle Royale mode, but it also has 11 other

Modes, from Deathmatch to Arena to Co-op Survival.UNKILLED Unkilled signs you up for the elite military organization called the Wolfpack that’s specially trained to eliminate zombie threats. It’s an all-out war. Jump into the action with a dramatic helicopter entrance and serve up the afterlife with the game’s collection of military-grade equipment. Already getting criticism for its outdated microtransactions in 2015, you best be

prepared to deal with that too. It has a play score of 8.3. 8. Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival And now it’s back to the gloomy suburbia. In this second Into the Dead installment, you guide a man Top 20 Android FPS of All Time

It was separated from his family, navigating through a post-apocalyptic world filled with the living dead. What makes this game unique is its focus on survival games for android elements that add a whole new layer of Gameplay Survive the set distances of their story mode, or go the extra mile and cover as much. It’s something for fans of the Walking Dead series, and it has a play score of 8.33. 7. Half-Life 2 A game that needs no Top 20 Android FPS of All Time

introduction. Far from its origins as THE benchmark for first-person shooters in 2004, Half-Life 2 remains an essential and revered classic in the genre. Made exclusively for Nvidia’s Shield tech, it’s a no brainer for anyone who already has the console. With this port to the android, some graphical concessions have to maintain performance in the Top 20 Android FPS of All Time

Portable format. But it’s still the same Half-Life 2 that most of us have played over and over again, more than a decade ago. A play score of 8.36. 6. Hitman: Sniper Agent 47 holds a specialized position for this mobile Hitman title. For this Sniper game, it’s not enough to find your targets and then shoot. As a spy with high profile targets, stealth and strategy are of utmost importance. Scout out your goals in the beautiful Montenegro location and

wait for the perfect moment to strike for the most efficient and high scoring route. While there might be some moments of rest and waiting, it makes for a more immersive Top 20 Android FPS of All Time

And compelling sniping experience. It has a play score of 8.36. 5. Bullet time! Rediscover the events of the Cold War first-hand with a time-bending twist. As government agent Mak, use his newly found powers to control time and use it as an advantage against the troops in the enemy lines. Controls are relatively straightforward, but the going will get tougher in the game’s higher chapters. Get to at least Chapter Three, and you’ll get to unlock their

enjoyable multiplayer experience. It was one of the most stable FPS releases in 2017, and it gets a score of 8.46. 4. Guns of Boom – Online Shooter The game name doesn’t correctly slide off the tongue, Guns of Boom has enough personality to let it shine past its moniker. While it looks similar to Gameloft’s Blitz Brigade, it proves itself as more Top 20 Android FPS of All Time

Then just a glorified clone on the mobile, take their many personalities to the arena and duke it out epic four versus four online battles. DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter A sequel to the acclaimed Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2 improves on the first game in every way. It injects more variety into the game and fixes the repetitiveness of the last game. Their campaign

Selection of unique objectives, leaving the randomized events for earning money and experience. They also introduce a range of zombies into the mix, from the crushing rampagers to the explosive kamikaze. As satisfying as zombie shooters can get, it has a score of 8.61. 2. Shadowgun Legends Coming out to shelves March last year, Shadowgun Legends has been topping our lists for a while. It delivers a dose of futuristic FPS action, with the added treat of their delicious, console-like graphics.

Get to create your very own Shadowgun Legend and become the next big superstar by ridding the world of the deadly alien threat. Shadowgun Legends isn’t just beauty, either. With both co-op and online multiplayer modes, it packs all the thrills you need in a pocket-friendly package. It has a play score of 8.61. 1. And the best Android FPS is still LONEWOLF (17+) Released in 2016; this Sniper FPS is still the best on the Android. Unlike other sniper games,

Top 20 Android FPS of All Time

Lonewolf packs a one-two punch of compelling storyline and realistic gun physics. Take the game’s age restrictions seriously. Its neo-noir narrative told in a gorgeous hand-drawn art style will leave you questioning your moral fiber. Within its multiple possibilities, it’s you who will get to decide who lives and who dies. One of the most realistic shooting games three years on, it has a play score of 8.8.