25 Best Modern PC Games – Fall 2018 Update

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25 Best Modern PC Games has cemented itself as a catch-all behemoth that offers any type of experience you might be looking to play few console exclusives avoid eventually being assimilated into the platforms massive catalog and the ability to pick and customize your own set up and control scheme means games almost always play their best on PC so naturally choosing the games released in the past 10 years which represent the best the platform has to offer was no easy task here are our 25 Best Modern PC Games the witness is one of the best puzzle games ever created clever design makes even its toughest

challenges a joy to solve but it also recognizes struggle as an important part of the learning process you’re encouraged to carve out your own path on its beautiful open world island creating an isolating but incredibly powerful experience there’s a reason Counter Strike global Offensive has maintained such astronomical popularity it’s one of the most focused and

25 Best Modern PC Games

technical first-person shooters out there the level of depth at play in these fast-paced matches doesn’t just make it one of the toughest competitive shooters to master but also the most rewarding it took more than a decade for a new Metal Gear game to make it to PC but the series came back in incredible fashion Metal Gear Solid 5 is an excellent stealth shooter balloons to unsuspecting soldiers all you have to do is say car soccer and

people will understand what rocket League is but the skill behind boosting a ball through the air pushes it far past that simple idea rocket league has been around for years adding modes and constant content updates to an already great game it’s one you could play every day and never get bored of and many people do undertale is a delightfully inventive exercise in subverting our expectations of RPGs it’s designed knows you’re playing a game and messes with you at every turn remembering your saving habits and constantly adjusting itself in surprising ways an involving an emotionally charged story thematically supports under tales underlying message every choice you make matters when you play FTL faster than

Fall 2018 Update

light you shouldn’t expect to survive but you should expect great memorable stories the times you succeed with a killer beam weapon combo that cuts enemy ships to ribbons or fight off an enemy boarding party become even better when you realize just how much the deck is stacked against it World of Warcraft’s sheer persistence and willingness to revamp 25 Best Modern PC Games systems both old and new create a world that millions of gamers are still happy to spend thousands of hours exploring recent updates and expansions get back to the heart of why World of Warcraft was fun to begin with by focusing on the world the dungeons and PvP Snerd a valley makes the mundane seem more wonderful it doesn’t reinvent the wheel but

marvelously distills the best essence of harvest moons long genealogy into a simple accessible and incomparably addictive game tranquil and purposefully provincial starti celebrates the simple joy of watching the fruits of your labor grow su5 is still the king of the modern Forex strategy game it takes the depth that makes Forex strategy amazing and joins it with a simplicity that allows anyone to get a lot out of it refined combat an intuitive UI and a fantastic hex based map system all improve on previous SIVs already addictive formula to create something truly special like follow through before at Fallout

New Vegas threw us into a harsh post-nuclear america it tells an excellent story where the fate of the Nevada wasteland is determined by your choices with improved combat and some amazing modding work by the community it becomes far more than just more of the same XCOM – builds on the brilliant high-stakes tactical combat of XCOM enemy unknown and its war of the chosen expansion has made it even better it adds not just complexity in the form of new and more powerful soldier classes and aliens but also a huge focus on replayability thanks to procedurally generated Maps tons of random 25 Best Modern PC Games events and of course mods galore so us 2d platforming levels are is challenging to figure out as they are satisfying to

complete hidden throughout those levels our wealth of Secrets some of which push the skills it teaches you to the absolute limit but its greatest triumph is how it blends that platforming with a sincere story and an incredible soundtrack that make it a genuinely impactful game – rarely as procedural level generation been so cleverly and expertly executed as it is in 25 Best Modern PC Games

spelunky every stage is a nail-biting hair-pulling timed race to the bottom demanding the player quickly choose between new risks and rewards crammed with traps dead falls and secrets spelunky demands months of obsessive dedication to master no other teams shined quite as brightly as the ragtag one you assemble in the second Normandy each of whom have compelling stories to tell and problems to solve it’s a peak the Mass Effect series may have trouble ever topping dead cells offers flexibility in a way few games do each easily digestable run through it’s beautifully detailed on shifting levels 25 Best Modern PC Games

goads you to push the limits of your abilities and crushes you when you get too comfortable there are layers of strategy and tactics buried not only in the immediate choices you make with the grander meta game making it one of the best action platformers around divinity original sin twos definitive edition cemented it as one of the greatest RPGs of all time it masterfully mixes the feel of old-school C RPGs with more modern mechanics and designs with six different origin 25 Best Modern PC Games

characters custom tags to make your own and seventy four thousand lines of fully voiced dialogue there’s a whole lot to keep coming back to with after a long day and the thoughtful strategic multiplayer experience that becomes the center of evening long binges with friends for tonight’s battle royale mode has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon but it’s fast and frequent updates have shown it’s more than just a flash in the pan it’s free-to-play format and relatively simple shooting mechanics make it a significantly

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